April 21, 2004

I went to Wal-mart today. I didn't really see anything I much wanted. I wanted one tee shirt that was a care bear shirt, but it was too small. So that was it. Nothing else. So I left with nothing. We are going to another Wal-mart tomorrow, to pick up our pictures, so maybe they will have something. I really need a swimming suit too. And I don't see anything I like this year. *blah* I usually like at least one. There wasn't really anything in clearance either. Grrrr. Maybe there will be something tomorrow.

Other then that I have been updating the looks of all my blogs. It will probably take me a few more weeks to get every thing exactly how I want it to be. And I have some more graphics to make.

Still working on the pantry. It needs a lot of help! lol I figure it will take me about 3 maybe 4 more days to get it organized the way I want it. I need to get a shelf for in there from Wal-mart too. I will take pics when I am done. Even though it's pretty ugly in there. It was meant to be a coat closet not a pantry. But, we have a smaller closet by the door we use for our coats. So we didn't need the big one for coats, and I did need some where to put food, so it works for us. Maybe some day I will decorate it. lol I doubt it though. lol For now it's just trying to serve a purpose. Next cleaning adventure will be the kitchen. That will be fun. NOT! lol Needs a lot of help as well. But, I think it can be done in a week, a little at a time. I really don't spend much time cleaning and organizing, just a few minutes a day. That's why it takes so long. And of course keeping up with other chores like, cooking and washing dishes too. Washing dishes has been challenging the last few months. They keep messing with our water, so it's either off, on but cold as ice, or once in a very little while it's hot, but so hot it can give you burns, they have no in between temperatures for the last few months! Although I would rather it be on and hot, then off or ice cold. I don't do the dishes unless the water is hot so sometimes they have to wait a day or two. Cause when the water is so cold, the soap won't rinse off, and I don't feel like they are really clean any way. I bet the water in most rivers isn't that cold. And my hands begin to hurt with the water so cold and I have to stop and warm them up with a towel, it's like putting your hands in ice. But, it just depends on the time of the day and the day of he week if it will be hot or not. So I just keep checking till it's hot, then do all the dishes I can. But, until the last few months we had consistently good water that you could choose what temperature you wanted it, by turning it to the left for hot and right for cold. But, now it's just one temperature no matter what way you turn it. And I guess the repairmen get to choose which it will be. lol Awe well, we are hoping they will figure it out soon. As it is hard to take a ice cold bath too.

Oh today when we were leaving they were tapping on the ceiling down stairs trying to scare birds (the custodians that is) Oh joy. lol These people aren't the brightest sometimes. lol

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