July 18, 2011

Sew much done today!

Another fun day of sewing on my Dial N' Sew. I am loving it more all the time. It sure did make it through the layers of the top of this nursing gown. I just know my "Brother" would of never done it! I am also liking the left, right, middle needle position option more and more. Used it a ton today again. I'm so glad to have a good machine! I still want a Bernina but till that dream comes true, I'm having a ton of fun with this one!

I was able to, finish the nursing openings, get all the gathering on the back and front of the gown done, the entire yoke-inside and out put on, and a few more things today. I also sewed some lace on to the front yoke but then accidentally melted it with the iron so had to take it off, and it was so cute too! UHG! Oh well, I don't think I will go back for more, just keep on going. Tomorrow I plan on binding the neck/collar. And starting on the sleeves. I'm surprised I was able to get so much done today between Belle's clingyness and my own lack of energy from this pregnancy. But, happy about it! I hope I can get more accomplished tomorrow too. I know for certain the new machine is helping me get things done much faster. Off to bed, so I can play more tomorrow!

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