July 14, 2011

First nightgown is complete!

I finished my first nursing nightgown yesterday, and worked on the fabric for nightgown number two. Today I ironed the fabric for nightgown number two and then was going to redraft my sleeve, but there was a dresser blocking the door for me to go to the family room to use the ping pong table! I tried to use my sewing area but forgot how wide those sleeves are cut. So I gave up and will start again tomorrow! hahaha I really like how my first one came out though. It's very soft and comfy. Will be great this winter! Warm, soft, comfy and wonderful nursing openings.

When Vince got home I rushed to Needle Nook and bought more stretch lace, and some dyed FOE. For the next two nightgowns. The other sewing machine I had wanted fell through cause some one else had bought it just a hour before I emailed the lady about it. So I was back on Craig's list nothing was interesting me much in my own city so I searched surrounding cities. Found what sounded great in Topeka so I emailed Anne the ad and asked her what she thought. When I came in the shop today to get the lace and FOE, she said she looked at the ad, and at first couldn't tell what kind of machine she was looking at, then she called over one of the other ladies who works in the store to come look too. And they figured out it's a industrial kenmore sewing machine. The man selling it said he's a retired engineer and buys and restores sewing machines as a hobby. And that he has it fully refurbished and it's the best machine he has ever came across. He says it's the only machine he has ever found that is ALL metal and no plastic parts at all. And it has the highest amp motor he has ever came across. He has a few others on Craig's list for sale too, same ol', same ol' though for what you see around here, New Home-see tons of them!, such as that. Any way, Anne said after looking at all the pictures that she thought it was a steal and would be great. She said normally she probably wouldn't buy it as it's probably been in a factory and really seen some wear and tear but if the man fully refurbished it as he said, then it would be really good. I am tending to lean with Anne. I have no reason to believe he didn't fully refurbish it since he has other ads for other machines up as well and I would think if he was selling bad ones some one would post about him on there saying to look out for him and not to buy from him. Any way, I'm excited! I will send Vince up on Saturday if I get in contact with the man and I can buy it from him! I can't wait! I think I may of found a good one!

Then I went to La Leche League and had a good meeting. Two new women came as well, both pregnant. It was a fun meeting with some games as well. Belle had fun playing ball with the other kids. Then we went to Walmart and picked up some groceries, came home put them away, and had Vince take some pics of the night gown and skirt I made. However, the skirt pics didn't turn out will have to take new ones tomorrow. The nightgown ones aren't the best, but at least better then the skirt ones. Would of been nice though if he had  told me my hair was a mess, when I put on the gown before the pics! UHG! Husbands! lol


Midcentury Delights said...

The nightgown came out perfect. You did a great job! And congrats on your machine, I will be jealous now haha.

MagnoliaWhisper said...


I go to see the machine tomorrow. It looks really good so far. I know you already got a new machine, but I am so glad I kept checking CL, I heard summer is best time on CL to look for machines. Which is so true, I started looking in the winter and there was nothing! Seems to be summer time is the season for sewing machines on CL. But, the odd thing I noticed is that different areas have more of some machines and less of others. For instance here in Wichita we have a TON of singers, and New Home machines on CL. The berninas are in Oklahoma. etc. When I did a search in Long Island to see if I should send Vince's parents, there's tons of Kenmore's! lol Here there was maybe 2 Kenmore's out of around 300 machines! lol haha Almost all of them in LI were Kenmore's! lol haha So really really varies to where you live. So if you still want a older one, check all the places you guys go not just your own town. Seems very regional what you will find.

nanasknoll said...

Loved the nightgown.
I love to sew and now my life is crazy with all my stuff in storage. I almost feel naked without my sewing machine. So enjoy the sewing machine.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks Nina I'm having a lot of fun. I wish I had more stamina to get more done each day and had more money for more fabric! lol haha I am really loving it too! So glad I finally have the space to enjoy this new hobby!