July 6, 2011

Nightgown Lace

Made it to Needle Nook Fabrics today. I bought lace for all the night gowns, bobbins, and a measuring thing a ma jig. All for less then 5 dollars. I love living here! Anne invited me back Saturday for a sew in. I think I might try to make it over there, I want to buy more of those bobbins at that price as well. She also helped adjust the sleeves of my bed jacket for my short fabric. Whew. She said she thinks it will be cute. I hope so. But, looks good so far. I may finish it after I finish my night gown as I don't think it will take much. It's only three pieces. I just need to figure out if I want it long or short. I think short. But, I just don't know! I'll probably cut it long, since my scraps won't make much of anything any way, and pin it both ways to see what I like best. But, I'm leaning towards short. I'll start on the nightgown tomorrow. I want to look through Anne's knits, and maybe some cottons at Grandma's Calico Cupboard as well and make a fourth night gown if I can get enough time before bubs gets here.

Saturday I bought a pair of Dansko's from Shoe Central/Clog Central and love them! I bought chocolate brown ones. They arrived today and I so love them. If I can find some Veg Red ones next year I think I will buy the same ones in the Veg Red. Maybe I will get black ones too! haha I love them that much. They are "high" heel, but feel like flats! LOVE them! And bonus was they had a sale coupon code! So even better. I am so happy with them though. Loving Dansko. Why oh, why did I used to wear payless shoes? haha

I also received the sweetest gift from a friend today a sweet sweet blanket for little R.J.. So sweet of her. Thanks so much! She sure didn't have to do that, she has given me so many gifts.

I think I better start looking for a home coming outfit for bubs as well, as we pretty much have nothing for baby boys around here. haha Hmm, he's on the small side, so probably safest to go ahead and look for him a few preemie outfits just like with the girls. Probably some preemie pjs. I need to look through Belle's, sure seems like I bought a few boyish ones for her as well. But, can't remember for sure. The girly ones were just so darn cute!

Had spaghetti for dinner, Belle and Lela ate, and ate and ate. Never thought the two of them would finish. They love s'getti! On the bad news of that, seems no one around here is selling the Smart Taste Angel Hair pasta any more. Grrr. That was my favorite one. They do have the Barilla Plus in Angel Hair but it seems like Vince bought that last time and we didn't care for it. UHG!

We got our first two tiny yellow pear tomatoes today and Belle ate both of them. Likes veggies at a early age. I could barely get her to wait till I got the dirt off them she wanted them so badly! haha

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