July 12, 2011

Oh Boy!

Got awesome pics of R.J. today! Man I love Kansas medical care so much better then NYC. They even gave us a CD of the pics! Vince said there's no doubt he's a boy after seeing today's sonogram. lol haha The tech said well those sure aren't girl parts. haha

Oh and good news, he has turned over and is now head down. Boy I was getting worried he would be a stubborn boy and want to be breech! My dad was breech too, boys can be so stubborn! lol Seems to be mainly boys at least in my family that like to be breech. haha He's 2 . 6 lbs which I think is awesome. That's already half the amount that Belle and Lela weighed at birth, so sounds to me like he is coming along nicely. I just hope he doesn't get too BIG! ;o)

I was able to get a LOT done on my gown today. Almost done. I need to go upstairs and even up the hem, as I can tell it's way off, but I need a big table to lay the whole gown on to assess how to go about evening it up. And then I will pin and hem it. And it will be done! The only thing is I think I chose to make the arms a bit too tight with the elastic so I will make the next arms a bit longer so that the opening doesn't have to be as big that way. But, other then that I am loving it!

I think I will go ahead and cut out my next gown so I can get it done in a hurry too while I still remember how to do it all. I also think I may buy some knit from Needle Nook and make a knit one too.

I wish I had more energy though, I'm feeling really nauseated still and like a slug with no energy!

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