July 4, 2011

Feeling a bit miserable. . .

Dad made waffles and bacon this morning, yum!

Again I finished my sewing goals for the day I finished cutting out the fabric for the night gown pattern. Then family came over, and had fun in the lake and we had some BBQ. It was delicious......but now I'm hungry again. lol

I wanted to get started on sewing the night gown but first I just didn't feel that good today at all, so kind of lazed around, and secondly as I suspected when I read the directions I need to go buy lace before starting cause I need to add it to the yoke before adding it to the bodice and that's pretty much the first step, with exception of safe stitching the nursing openings. I will probably safe stitch them tomorrow and see if I can get a ride over to Needle Nook, I know Joann's was open today but they are limited on laces. And since Needle Nook specializes in underwear, bras, and night gown fabrics and notions they have a ton to choose from, many hand dyed so that they match many undergarment fabrics in their stores, so they have a huge selection of colors to choose from when it comes to lace. So I'll go over there. Plus I need some stretch elastic lace for the arms of the night gown as well. The pattern calls for both elastic and lace, I'm sure not many people have as much access to the elastic lace as we have here with Needle Nook is probably the reason for calling for both, but since Needle Nook has such a large selection of that too it won't be a problem, and will be easier and cheaper to kill two birds with one stone.


Midcentury Delights said...

I hope you feel better today.
Its funny that you posted this as I was just looking online for patterns and how-to for making undergarments. I'd like to try making panties. The only fabric store we have is JoAnn, so if they don't have the right kind of knits I'll have to look online for that, too.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

If you don't find what you want or need, give Anne a call! She is wonderful. Many people from all over the world order from her over the phone. She will take pics of things and send them to you for you to choose. Some people she gets familiar with enough she gets to knowing what they like and is good at choosing stuff they would like. I have taken a class from her and she's a great teacher as well. She also teaches how to make bras, and she makes bra patterns herself, so does her daughter. Too bad you don't live near by, she has one of the best knit shops in the country. Literally people from all over come to visit her shop. She travels all over the place to teach bra making classes as well. She teaches them all over the country. I think different women's groups hire her to come to their town to teach. She's really sweet. She's a bit older, but really wild! hahaha Also nice though. But, you should see some of the CRAZY bras she has designed. lol Vince goes in there and just laughs! haha (she has a lot of the "crazier" ones on display. As each year for breast cancer she does a "crazy" bra making workshop. What some of the women come up with can be quite wild! haha

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Oops here's her website

I also have it on the side of my blog.