July 3, 2011

Skirting Goals

Happy to say I got all my goals for making my night gown done today. I traced the pattern onto my pattern tracing paper, AKA doctor exam table paper. Cut it all out.

Met Darla, and all the kids at Panera for lunch. Then asked Nick if he wanted to go to Joann's with me. haha I decided to go ahead and get the rest of the skirt fabric I needed. Bought thread for my raspberry colored cotton gauze dress I plan on making. And while I was looking for the cotton I am using for my skirt, came across another cotton I just love! Will be perfect for fall, so I had to get it too, and then decided to get more raspberry gauze for a shirt to go with the skirt! lol Cause it was the perfect color. WOW how did all that happen. ha

It was so hot out we decided to go to Orange Julius and get pina colada banana drinks. Nick wanted a Aunt Annies pretzel so we did that too. Then it started really really storming. Nick wanted to go see the 3rd street canal that dad used to go kayaking down when it rained hard like that and man they must of put a lot of drains in cause it wasn't flooded at all. We also drove by the old house they lived at on Green over there. Came home in blinding rain. And then every thing was over.

Dad made a delicious roast for dinner. Grandma Delores, and Grandpa Merlin came for dinner too, as well as Uncle John. Grandma brought a yummy checkered cake and mini cup cakes too.

Then I decided to pick out the stitching from the fabric for the night gown, and iron it. Stitched up all the new fabric I bought and threw it in the wash. And then I was also able to cut out all four pieces of fabric for the yolk of the night gown. So I only have the two sleeves, and front and back of the night gown left to cut out tomorrow. Maybe I will even get started on sewing a little bit of it tomorrow as well.

Got a bath taken, but now my throat is hurting. I hope I'm not getting sick. *sigh*

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