July 10, 2011

Gown Arms...

Had early morning breakfast with my mom. It was yummy yummy!

I was able to finish one arm of my night gown, which with my horrible machine took forever, and I gave up on doing the other arm till tomorrow! haha One frustration at a time. I did have to take a lot of the gathering out to make it fit for the extra ease I gave it under the arms per the patterns suggestion for bigger busts. I think I will redraft the arm part of the pattern to bring the gathers back in, and keep the ease. I am loving it so far!

I checked Craig's list again today. I really want a bernina or a elna. They had a few but none of the models I wanted. However, did find a New Home one that looks to be the right age, and size for me. (old heavy metal!) Comes with a cabinet. Looks all super clean and only 55 dollars. I emailed Anne to ask her to check it out and she said it looked good and the cabinet alone looked worth the 55 dollars. Then she gave me some questions to ask the seller, but, if the answers are right she thinks it looks like a good machine for me. So I'm hoping this may be a way of me getting a better machine then my cruddy plastic brother. So here's hoping for that!

Tomorrow I have my next sonogram, looking forward to what they will say.


Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog...so fun getting ready for a baby. Your nightgown is wonderful and you did a great job on it. God bless you and this new little one. Mary (farmgirl 2532)

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks! Working on the second one now!