July 9, 2011

Sew In, Sew Great

Whew so glad Anne offers these Saturday sew ins. I got a lot of help with her with the neck for the night gown I am doing. Whew with all her help and suggestions I'm almost done with it. Probably be done in a day or two now! Yippie!

I seen she had also done a cardigan by kwik sew I had been wanting to try. And it looked great done. She said if I reminded her she would have all the stuff ready to make one next sew in and teach me to make it. I would LOVE that. The cardigan is a perfect style that would go with so much! Can't wait.

She also had the country extension office schedule and they are having a sew in, in August I may go to it, will have to see, it's from 4 pm till midnight. But, cost 10 dollars, however they say they are offering help and will be providing food. I know I want to take their canning workshop for sure though.

I ended up buying a bar of lotion, I'm so dry between being pregnant and diabetic I so needed it, and it's locally made. And ordered some KIA scissors from her, I had never tried that brand but just recently read they were really good, and she let me try her's and they were amazing! And really not badly priced either. So I am looking forward to those coming in. But, I completely forgot to get a cleaning brush for my machine. UHG! I need one badly.

Any way so far, so good on the night gown. But, with out Anne's help today I so know I wouldn't have gotten this far on it. So so happy she is so generous with her time and so helpful to me. Have to figure out a gift to her. I don't buy near enough in her shop to pay her back for all the help she is always giving me. Hmmm.

Getting up early to go to breakfast with my mom, so better get to bed.

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