August 29, 2011

I'm finally back . . .

It's been forever since I've posted, but I was tired, then I got extremely ill with bloody stools and all, stomach cramps that were horrid, spazaming colon, and then we lost internet for quite some time. We just got our internet back on Thursday but it's a awful service, we are canceling it later this week and getting a different service. It took the man 9 hours to set this service up but it barely let's us do anything and we run out of maximum about of service before the end of the day before we have hardly done anything at all! We can't even use Netflix with this service, in fact 10 minutes of watching on netflix movie took up 80 percent of our daily allowance. And the magic jack doesn't work at all with it, it's so weak. Plus it cost near 70 dollars a month! Insane! So any way, hoping to get something else with out a daily allowance, and that is cheaper.

A few weeks ago the ob was so funny. He said my blood glucose was good, so it must mean I wasn't eating those Rolo blizzards from Dairy Queen like he had been! haha He said not to try one, they were a gate way dessert and next thing you know you will be getting tornadoes at Spangles, and then he went in to all the other foods he liked and asked me if I had had them. lol I hadn't. He said good, just forget every thing I said and keep eating healthy! haha I had also told him I gained a lot of weight with my last pregnancy and he said that's easy to do, between that gnawing feeling in your stomach, and that gnawing thing in your uterus. haha He is so hilarious!

Today we met my mom and Babies R Us and since Belle is still so little she bought Belle a new high chair so we can use the old one for RJ. The new one is for a toddler, where the old one converts from infant to toddler, that's why we are using it for RJ instead of the new one. It was cheaper to get a toddler high chair then another convertible infant one, by about 50 dollars!  Also they had summer baby boy clothes from FAO Schwartz marked down to 5 dollars that were totally cute, so my mom bought RJ some of those too, for next year. Just one of the outfits had been originally 40 dollars, so that was really a good deal.

Then we went to Sam's and got chicken for tomorrow, as last week one of the girls really wanted lemon chicken but I had already planned other meals. So she will get orange chicken, couscous, green beans and maybe a beet salad I am thinking! Then we went to Walmart and picked up a few things for dinner tonight. I made the best burgers ever! I put eggs, bread crumbs, greek seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, mustard powder, ranch dressing powder, bacon bits, and french fried onions in them, boy were they juicy flavorful. Almost very very close to the lamb they use in gyros......I think I am on to something! If I had put it on a rotisserie I bet it would of been exactly like the lamb in gyros. and had some tzatzitki sauce! Which we also noticed Walmart now has their own brand of, we may give it a try later. But, we really like Hanna's brand so much we usually are disappointed with other brands. But, they don't sell Hanna's around here so may just try Walmart's any way. We also bought Tang, as I have heard the citric acid in it really cleans the dishwasher well, and we have such hard water it's been like mud in there, the dishes have been coming out more dirty then they went in, with mud stuck all over them. I had thought I would just buy citric acid instead of Tang since that is the ingredient that is essential but it was crazy expensive at Walmart and the Tang was only 2.50. Well it worked GREAT! So glad that was a easy and simple fix! They had samples of Tzao organic chai chilled tea, I have found my new summer drink! It is sooooo good. I am so buying that soon! I can see that will be a awesome drink to take with me in the car. Yummy!

Belle and Lela are growing so fast, getting cuter every day. They have both been getting a lot more helpful lately so that is helping a lot as well.

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Midcentury Delights said...

I'm glad your back, although that is sucky internet service! But your OB sounds like a lot of fun. I love Drs like that.