September 2, 2008

I got a little more done on my recipe review blog sites. It will probably be never ending! haha

I also decided I HAD to get more of my embroidered pillow case work done, for my swap! So I did that for a little while tonight too.

After that, I found there is many embroidery blog rings that have beautiful embroidery on them. In fact, I will use a tutorial from one of them to make my own pin cushion. I can't wait!

Also the other day, Wal-mart put out a new color of pillow cases, I'm so glad. It is a nice light shade of blue. I've been looking high and low for this shade of blue in pillow cases, I went to Target, Kmart, Walmart, JC Penny's, Macy's, and Sears last year, and no one had it! Well, now this year Wal-mart has it! lol I bought a few. I will be doing my inlaws anniversary gift on this nice light soft shade of blue. They will be very cute. I am also going to get another set, and do Lela a pair with sheep! I think they will be the cutest!

Well, it's time to get off to bed. I'll try hard to get back here tomorrow and add more.

I guess I was in a tyrant mood yesterday. Today it's over. However, I did have to search high and low to find cloth training pants even on the web! Who knew that they would become so scarce! haha

Well, as I said, goodnight for now.

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