September 28, 2008

I haven't posted in forever! I've been terribly busy. It's also been a wet, windy week!

First Lela has had to go twice to get shots. The doctor was a little upset cause I want delayed shots for some of them. I accept most of them but a few I wanted delayed. Which I did, and signed all the papers. But, they really want to make you feel like you are a bad parent by not getting them. I think they should be a little more open since I am only delaying them. Oh well!

She told me Lela could go deaf from the mumps since I am delaying that shot till she is 4 or 5. Well, I almost laughed about that. What was funny when I got home and told my mom, she laughed and said the EXACT same thing that came to my mind but I didn't say out loud to the doctor. Which that was just hilarious!

So you're wondering what I was thinking, that my mom said? "Go deaf? Oh that was a given. We never thought there would be any other possibility." It's a given if you are born in my family you will go deaf at some point! Some earlier then others! hahaha I've had hearing problems my whole life. So has my dad. Dad was raised by his deaf grandparents! Both his grandmother and grandfather were deaf. My step father is deaf. My mom is hard of hearing. I have deaf uncles, aunts, etc. My dad has been wearing two hearing aids since he was 19! My sister is 20, and been going deaf the last few years, already fitted for hearing aids. So deaf? Oh we figured that. Mumps or no mumps! hahaha

Now is deafness something to kid about, of course not. But, personally I know how to deal with deaf. I also know people can live a full active life, having almost any job they want with deafness. My dad is a RN, a therapist, a IV specialist, and a psychiatrist now! Married to a doctor. Great Grandma and Great Grandma never let their deafness stop them from doing anything! I have a uncle who is deaf and did the computer programming for the SR750! (for those of you who don't know that's a very famous air plane). Another uncle who is deaf has worked for NASA for many years, he's a bio-engineer. And my sister is going to law school to be a lawyer.

Most people don't even know most of my family is deaf. They have learned to deal with it like it's just another part of life. They are not upset about it. And they get on with life. They can read lips well, and like I said people who even know them, do not know or even forget if they do know that they are deaf! They use it for their own advantage. When others are having to concentrate to study something or do something, and can't cause of noise around them. They just turn off their hearing aids, put their head down and study!

Any way...that's just one thing. haha But, if only the doctor knew! I also have autism in my family and as much as I love those kids. I feel very bad for them, cause getting a job, communicating with others, etc. Will forever be a challenge for them. I am much more worried about that any day then deafness. Deafness I know how to work with!

Any way, on to a happy note. After her shots we went back to the Broadway Mall. And she played there the rest of the afternoon, and I got more of my embroidery work done.

We took Lela to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time this week. We were supposed to go to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday with Vince's cousins but they forgot and were doing something with the grandparents. So we decided to go to Mc Donald's on Friday, but it was one we had never been to before but decided to try cause it was close to the house. It was disgusting, and smelled of cat urine. It also has a lot of scary looking men there. So we decided to just go by ourselves on to Chuck E Cheese, and we had a great time there. I had coupons that I printed from online where you get 100 tokens for 10.00! That made the tokens 10 cents each. And all the rides/games at our Chuck E. Cheese only take one token! So she had a ball for around 3.00! We didn't eat there. We just went right after breakfast, then left and went some where else for lunch.

She rode the Chuck E. Cheese car that takes your picture (they've had that ride for a long time now) several times. The angle is so wide Vince and I got in some of the pictures with her! hahaha

We also had her picture sketched for 1 token.

They had a horse ride that was really cool, it's a big horse, and you have to use the reigns to steer it on the game in front of you! It's a race horse game. That was really neat. She also liked trying to catch bees game.

Her favorite game was Skee Ball, she about never wanted to stop! haha She will be playing it a lot I can tell. For 10 cents a token I think we will start taking her once a week. I like Mc Donald's still, but there is not a lot she can do there yet cause she is so short. There's a lot at Chuck E. Cheese she can do on her own. And since it is less then 3 dollars for her to have hours of fun. I think we can swing that once a week.

We took her back again on Saturday but there was just way too many people. Friday hardly any one was there and it was lovely. The manager was even cleaning all the games, inside and out! He would open each game and really clean it! I was very impressed by that. The one we went to on Saturday was also quite filthy. So the one on Friday was much much nicer. But, still it was such a mad house at the one we went to on Saturday I just said let's go and we went to Burger King next door, which was also quite dirty.

At Burger King we had their Apple Fries for the first time. They are over priced. But, good! The caramel sauce is GREAT! It's half the calories as Mc Donald's caramel sauce. But, also 1 1/2 times the price. Shame, shame Burger King for charging much more for the apples then fries. In fact to get them in the Kid's Meal at Burger King you have to pay 40 cents extra! Both Mc Donald's and Wendy's lets you have their fruit for free in the kids meals. So... Burger King really don't care if our kids are fat and sick! Oh well, at least they tasted good. haha

I've almost got my pillow cases done for the swap I'm part of.

Then I want to get some done for my sister, and step grandma. And a friend or two. Then I would love to do another swap!

I can't wait to move back to Kansas, so I can get together with some other sisters who stitch and we can maybe take the kids to the park and just sit and stitch and gab a bit!

My inlaws anniversary is upon us. But, we really don't have much money to get them anything this year. Last year I made them pillow cases, which they like but don't use. I wish they would use them. That's why I make them. We also got them silverware which they again never have taken out of the box. They are out of town this weekend, so Vince and I took it upon ourselves to stay at their house, found the silverware washed it, dried it and put it away! haha So now they will have to use it! Their old flatware is really in bad shape.

I think this year, what I have figured out we will do, is go buy some wood glue, I have felt at home. And put felt on each of their dining room chair legs. They don't slide well at all, and they have wood floors. So this will protect their floors and help the chairs slide better! So I think that's going to be our gift to them.

I also got some more bad news this week. Richard Simmons Sirius Radio show has been canceled. They can't afford his show any more. That was really really sad. He was helping a lot of people especially truckers, who desperately need his help. Considering so many are morbidly and even super obese. That was really sad. I listen to his show every week. He says he is considering going to internet radio stations, I sure hope he does! Truckers won't be able to listen like they could with Sirius but at least people can have his help again.

There's of course been much more this week. But, that's the basics of the week.

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Debbie said...

My kids loved Chuck E. Cheese! That was one of our favorite family outings.