September 13, 2008

I'm finally done transferring over my recipe site! I can hardly believe it. I think last year I had it built up in my head as harder then it actually was. I just wish I would of dove in last year and did it! Oh well, at least it's done now. In the process I found my menu plans page again, and revived it. It's been fun adding new menu plans to it. I think I will put in a new menu plan every week now. That should be fun. I want to start to take pictures of my meals to post on there as well.

I was reading the archives on my blog, which a few days ago I thought I lost, and am so glad I didn't, now that I got to read them again.

I did not remember how depressed I was before losing weight. Boy was those some hard years. I can see such a difference in my happiness in my posts after I lost weight. Strictly from a health-physical and mental stand point, and nothing to do with looks, I am SOOOOOO happy I lost the weight and have kept it off. I can see how much mental health is effected from being over weight. It effects your physical health so much, how could it not effect your mental health? Boy am I glad those dark dark days are over. I have a lot more happy then sad days now. I noticed back then it seemed that I had more sad days then happy. And that is just sad to me now. But, also gives me insight on how others may be feeling. When I just want them to get happy! And they don't. I had forgotten what it was like. All I have to say is thank goodness for this blog and those archives. I wish I wouldn't have stopped blogging those two years that I did. Who knows what I have forgotten that would be useful. haha Oh well, I'm going to try to not give up on it this time!

Lela is visiting her grandparents today, and is spending the night. I miss her so much, she hasn't spent the night with them in months, and I just miss her terribly. I am sure she is having a ball though. She just loves them. Anytime we are even driving near their house, she recognizes their neighborhood now, and starts saying, Grandmaaaaaaaa, where are yoooooou? It's so cute. haha

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