September 22, 2008

We had quite the last few days!

We had Lela's two year old pictures taken at Babies R Us. It took us two days!

It started early on Saturday. So we would get to Babies R Us extra early we decided to eat breakfast out, and we went to Dunkin Donuts. I had the new Turkey Sausage Spinach Eggwhite flat bread sandwich. I LOVED it! I will definitely get it again.

We went to Babies R Us to get photos taken but then they were over crowded and couldn't fit us in till Sunday. So we went to Red Lobster and had lunch. After lunch I took Lela to look at the lobsters. She kept trying to jump high enough to get into the tank with them but couldn't. haha So finally she put her hand on her chin, and said, hmmmm........I know just what to do, Luluuuuuuuu?

I laughed so hard. She watches a cartoon that is Chinese, and when ever the main character needs to get something high up, she always says let's call Lulu! Cause Lulu is a pink rhino that has balloons tied on her that helps her float up high! lol haha

Vince laughed so hard he was doubled over crying! haha

Then yesterday we finally got her pictures taken. *sigh* I got stuck with the two people I dislike most that work there. They are not patient and want to push you through like cattle, even though we are spending like 400.00 there! And it makes me upset. The lady wouldn't wait for Lela to smile, and made me just go on. So out of about 20 picture only 2 are of her smiling. I begged the lady to just wait a minute and let me get Lela together. The poor baby is sick, and usually does better at picture taking time. But, she's been stuffy nosed and not feeling her usual self. Grrr. And Lela doesn't like this lady either. We've had her a few times and she really doesn't know how to relate to children at all. There's another lady that used to take her time and Lela loved her, but they fired her cause she wasn't fast enough! No she didn't rush people through like cattle, she waited for the children to get warmed up to her, and then she got WONDERFUL shots! UHG. I was there the day she was fired, they were yelling at her about how much time she was spending with us. And it makes me very upset, I think I will write the company!

Any way, then to pick out the pictures they put us with the guy who doesn't like his job (I've also had him in the past) He is just there to flirt with the teen girls. He doesn't really like to do all the photo editing, so he was lost in space, while I was trying to get what I wanted. And I had to repeat myself many times, cause of course I'm not cute and beautiful like the girls he kept leering at and always does when I am there.

So it was another all day experience. But, I do like a few of the pictures. :)

Then we went to Barnes and Nobles! I have known for a long time that Australia had more embroidery magazines then we do here in the USA. But, I never thought I would find one on a shelf here in the USA. But, yesterday surprise, surprise I found a GREAT one! I am so happy. I am going to go back to that Barnes and Nobles over the next few months and see if it's a magazine that I will continue to like, and if so I'm going to look into getting a subscription. The one issue I bought is GREAT!

So all in all it was a good weekend! And I'm glad we finally got some more photographs of Lela! :)

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Debbie said...

Is there somewhere else you can have her picture taken? I would write to the manager and well as corporate headquarters. I would not put up with that and I wouldn't want to give them my money if that's how you're treated, and you don't even get the pics you want.