September 15, 2008

Today it was windier then it has been in a very long time. So much so, I thought it was a rain storm, but it was just the wind hitting the windows. It's finally calmed down. At least we didn't get Ike! Those poor people in Texas are in devastation.

Lela has been extra cute lately. We finally got batteries put in her baby. It was calling Lela, mama last night, and Lela kept telling her, No, I Lela! Lela, was trying to teach her to say Lela, every time the doll would say Mama, Lela would say, Leeeeeeeelaaaaa, a little slower! When her doll wood cry, Lela would start crying too, and say mama helpa, mama helpa, she crying. And would run and get her bottle! However, she thought it was cute,when the doll would coo, and babble. She was all happy about that, and said, she's talking!

We're taking Lela to a Mc Donald's playland tomorrow. I hope we can find a better one then last weeks. I'll take my embroidery project and work on it a bit. And she will run her little heart out.

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Anonymous said...

So cute! I love reading about what Lela is saying and doing. Telling her doll "I Lela" not mommy - priceless! :-)

Debbie from PLF