September 16, 2008

We took Lela to Mc Donald's today. We found a GREAT one. It was the best one I have ever went to. It was all decorated up, so very nicely. It was almost like going to Panera Bread, or Chipotle's or other upper scale fast food restaurant rather then Mc Donald's. It was quite surprising.

It had very nice comfy chairs, and booths. The chairs just perfect for sitting and embroidering, or any craft for that matter. I think there will be many winter days spent in one of these chairs while Lela is playing, and I am getting more embroidery work done. A good time can be had by both of us. The booths were also nice and rounded. I seen a lot of women in there, just reading and drinking coffee. I will have to try their coffee at least once this winter, as I hear it is really good. And they now offer sugar free flavored syrups for them. So I'll have to see what all the buzz is about.

There was even a fire place! I was quite surprised by the fire place. I hope they decide to turn it on this winter. I think it looks mighty cozy, cute, and neat. By the amount of women, I seen gathered in that area today, I can tell once winter comes and it's turned on, there will be women gathered there to read and drink their coffee next to the cozy fire. How unique for a Mc Donald's. That's one of the reasons I like Panera Bread, is the fire places. So that is really nice to have one there as well.

It also had three flat screen TV's. Lela liked watching the Cartoons on one of the TV's, while Vince and I enjoyed watching CNN on the other. Pretty unusual for a Mc Donald's that's for sure.

And this was the first Mc Donald's I have ever been to with dispensers for the sweet and sour sauce, and barbecue sauce for the Mc Chicken Nuggets. Sure for Ketchup and Mustard, but never for Sweet and Sour sauce, and Barbecue sauce. I rather liked being able to get my own. Rather then what ever the cashier deems we were allowed to have rationed to us for the day. Especially considering the fact many Mc Donald's here in New York are now charging 10 cents per a package for Mc Chicken Nugget sauces, ketchup and mustard!

The murals in the play land were beautiful! Wild animals and flying creatures of all kinds. Pandas, Panthers, Tigers, Parrots, Toucans. And just all kinds of creatures.

Trees, and waterfalls, beautiful landscape. I had never seen such beautiful paintings in any restaurant let alone Mc Donald's! It was like visiting the rain forest.

They also had beautiful paintings all through out the Mc Donald's. Above almost every table. They were on real canvas, and looked like oil paintings. Mainly of roses, and various flowers. Very vibrant oranges, and reds. They were just gorgeous. And it was VERY clean. The playland was spotless. I could tell they hose or pressure spray it down often. There was a lot of drains in there for just such a cleaning. And it was so spotless, I could tell they do this often. And most importantly there was not any spray painting from gang members in there, like at the Mc Donald's from last week. Which was so sad, that people are so insane today that they would even defame even little children's play grounds, for no good reason.

It is a little far from our home, but well worth going to, at least in my opinion. And I'm sure in Lela's too.

Lela had the same food as she did last week at the other Mc Donald's we went to in Brooklyn. She had the Chicken Mc nuggets, the apple dippers, that come with caramel sauce, even though she didn't eat the caramel sauce, which is a good thing, since it's probably not much better then the french fries, instead of french fries, and whole milk instead of the regular soda pop that used to come with happy meals. Again I am so glad they have made it a tad bit easier to select healthier choices for our children, and ourselves for that matter.

And she also received another cute toy, for children three years old and younger. It was not as cute as the other one that she got last week at the other Mc Donald's we went to. But I decided not to open it, and leave it in it's plastic, in case they get in a cuter one, that I can trade it in for, later.

A funny moment was when Lela went up to the Ronald Mc Donald statue that was sitting on a bench in the playground area and wanted to play with him. Meanwhile, when we took her to Sesame Place, and she wanted nothing to do with those big Sesame Street characters there! And started crying. The poor baby girl. And then we had to pay money to get pictures of her crying with the Big Sesame Place Characters. At least I was able to take this photo of her, happy, and didn't have to pay a dime for it!

There was also another little girl there that was 16 months old that had a lot of interest in Lela. But, Lela was too busy running to stop too much for her. But, the little girl was so very cute. She was also interested in me, once Lela began to go off on her own. She crawled up in a chair beside me and wanted to drink Lela's milk that Lela had lost interest in.

I think we will be going back to this one often, as the chairs are wonderful for me to sit in and embroider while Lela is playing her heart out. Of course I'll have to go in and play with her some too! But, the climbing in those things does a number on adult knees. At least there was plenty of other children there for her to play with, so she wouldn't mind at all if we just sat back and watched!

Lela had a ton of fun though, so I can tell we will go back again and again. Probably next week! I can't wait till next time, next Tuesday. The older she gets, the more fun life seems to be.


Debbie in Ca said...

I'm glad you got your comments working because I've wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. What you write about Lela is heartwarming The things she says and does are SO cute!! And I love seeing so many pics of her.
That is a NICE McD's. Was it in Manhattan?
I don't have a blog so am not sure how to put my name but I'm Debbie from PLF.

Princess Of Pink said...

Oh Heather, what a CUTE girl you have! Just look at those naughty eyes, lol.
I am still working on the pillowcases, but so many other things got in the way, sorry! But they will come, no worries.

Hugs from Marian/Dutchy from MJF

Jamie said...

What a neat McD's! Kind of funny, but ain't it just like a country momma to find such fascination with McDonalds.

Hope we get one like that here in Oklahoma!