August 16, 2008

Today is the day we go to the sister, we met on the line at convention, home for dinner. I can't even remember her name! EEK! I am hoping things go well. I was in such shock over being invited to her home, I forgot to get her a gift! UHG, now it's too late. I wish I could whip up a tee towel really fast, but I don't think I can be that fast!

Tomorrow Gorden, my father in law's brother is giving the public talk for our congregation. He's a Circuit Overseer, we're not in his circuit, but he's visiting tomorrow. My father in law has his first every public talk coming up. So we will be having lots of visitors for both talks. Lots of people will want to come see Gordon, and most the family was going to travel on over to see my father in law give his first public talk as well.

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