August 12, 2008

I'm going to try really really hard to make a new blog entry every day.

Last year, I embroidered several pillowcases as gifts. I thought I had photographed all of them, but come to find out, I only photographed three! Out of at least 10 that I made. :( Awe well.

Here's a slide show of the ones I did snap shots of, and some of the things I have done this year, only one pair of pillow cases, and 2 tea towels, I did one other tea towel but I gave it away, and also didn't photograph it. It was of a dutch girl holding a chocolate cake. YUMMY. I wish I would of gotten more shots. Cause some of them I really really loved.

Now, I'm in a embroidered pillowcase swap. Mine are going to the Netherlands, and I'm getting a pair from the Netherlands. I can't wait!

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