August 25, 2008

I've been busy, busy, busy.

See, when I first went with Homestead it was FREE. You could have unlimited everything for free. (it is who hosts my website). Well, then after about 10 years they started charging. At first it was very little for existing members. Only like 20 dollars for 3 years! Well that wasn't bad. Well little by little, and then by leaps and bounds they have raised the price. Now my website is costing 160 dollars a year! So, it's going to have to go bye bye.

However, I have years and years of pictures up there, and ALL my recipes reviews.

Well, I paid this year's 160.00 so I would have enough time to transfer every thing. I just got all the pictures transferred.

Now it's time to do all the site! I am going to start with the recipe reviews. UHG, that's going to take a while! lol

I'm moving all the recipe reviews to So that way every one gets a chance to be redirected to the new site when they click on the old site.

But, maybe by tomorrow I'll have started the move.

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