August 28, 2008

I promised I would add a picture of Lela in her bonnet today. I thought we had some better pics of her in it, but I guess not. The swing is in the way. But, at least this is one that we got her face in it! :)

I've gotten all my graphic folders all cleaned up! Now to just back it all up.

I also now need to work on my links/bookmarks as they are a mess too, and need backed up, before something happens.

I got a brain storm last night on graphics for the recipe review site, so I've been working on that today too. *whew* Lots to do.

AND I need to clean the house too! But, it's getting done. Little, by little.

The only real problem is our neighbor smokes, and it is constantly coming in our apartment. I feel like I am going to get cancer at this rate! I always have a sore throat and sinus problems from it. I'll be glad when we can get a house, and out of a apartment, so that we don't have to put up with this in our own home, in our own bedroom! It's bad enough dealing with smoke outside in public, but to have to sleep with it (like she must stay up all night just smoking! Which scares me, what if she falls asleep and burns the place down!) and live with it in my own home is just over the top.

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