August 21, 2008

We went shopping today, on the way to the car, Vince, said Lela looks like Richard Simmons! lol The hair, the shorts, the tank top, it was hilarious! We had to get pictures.

I picked up some collard greens and molasses, I want to try a new way of making collard greens! A sweet way. The greens I had on Saturday at the sister's home was kind of sweet. And I want to try my hand at this sweet tasting collard greens!

I have been trying and trying to think of what I would name our home when we find it in Kansas. And I finally came up with a name!

Woodford Prairie Homestead.

Took me long enough, but it's finally something that I think fits perfect, has our name, describes where we will be living, and what kind of place we want. Finally!

There's a block party on Saturday it was thrust upon me short notice. I think I'll make the collard greens if they come out ok for me testing them on my family first. And the Heather's Trade Winds Jell-O Salad I came up with. The block party wasn't supposed to be till the last Saturday of the month. I don't know what happened but all the sudden they called yesterday and said it's this Saturday! UHG!

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