August 15, 2008

As I stated before I am embroidering away.

I have been cross stitching and doing embroidery since I was 10 years old. So many of my threads are 20 + years old. I have one JP Coats floss (thread) left, all the rest is either DMC or Sulky. Well, lo and behold that JP coats floss is faded at one end. Grrr. How did that happen? Hmmph!

Thankfully Vince, my husband, is willing to stop by AC Moore on the way home from work and grab me the color I need. :) I don't even think JP Coats makes floss any more. So it won't be another JP Coats, but it'll be DMC.

I am so just pining away for the time I can go to that cross stitch store I sighted!

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