August 20, 2008

We walked Lela to the park today, and I forgot the camera. She had fun though! She drove her Little Tykes car to the park. Then she swung, and swung and went down the slide numerous times.

I pushed her on the swing for about a hour (no, I am not exagerating!). Then Vince came, and he pushed her a little more on the swing (she didn't want off yet!). Then played with her on the swinging bridge and slide.

Once he came, I started working on my my embroidery project. And read a little bit of my new Weight Watchers Magazine. I also glanced through my Country Woman Magazine, it gave me a idea of a really good spring or summer menu plan! I have to go to and do a search for one recipe for the main dish, some kind of ham and linguine recipe, I know JoAnna Lund had a recipe for it. The Country Woman Magazine called theirs Straw and Hay. It looked so good in the picture it spurred me to create a whole menu around Straw and Hay, I was thinking I would find JoAnna's recipe for the same dish, then serve it with her Daffodil Carrots, and my new Heather's Tropical Jell-O Salad recipe. I think it sounds so refreshing, and mmmmmm. So it was a really nice day in the park. We stayed for about 3 hours.

On the way home, I stopped into the police department and asked if they were still collecting sneakers to recycle into playground mats, but they aren't. *sigh* Now I have to figure out where to take them so they can be recycled. The police department had been taking them for a while, I wish they hadn't stopped, as the department is right behind my building.

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