August 17, 2008

We had a good time at the sister's home. Come to find out several others there were from our sister congregations. Lol Which was pretty unusual since this sister lives in Brooklyn, and we met her at a Brooklyn Convention, that was not ours, and we live in Queens, and was assigned a Queens convention. So most the people there lived with in blocks of us! I don't know how she met them! Lol But, it was a regular back yard Barbecue. And it was really fun. Every one was real nice. At first though Vince was kind of scared. And hey I was a bit too! Lol He thought about calling his parents and letting them know where we would be in case we never came home! Lol They would know where to look for us! Lol haha But, they were nice people and we had no problems. Lol I was kind of scared too at first. Even though they seemed nice in line, they were still people we really didn't "know". Lol But, of the other guests, some of us knew friends of friends of each other. Which was pretty neat! We all live with in blocks of each other, and come to find out even though we are in different congregations most of us all go to the same Hall! So that was pretty neat. So we all knew friends of each other. In fact one of the couples there knew my husband's best friend! And they had "heard" of other friends of ours. Another brother there knew a really good friend of ours, who we give rides to all the time. So it was pretty neat, and fun. The sister giving the party though, she goes to a congregation in Brooklyn. I guess she was having a Queens party! Lol hahaha

I brought Luscious Lemon Dessert from the Friends and Family book By JoAnna Lund and it was a hit! They ate it all, and even washed my dish to send the dish home with me. Lol I've never had any one wash my dishes! Lol haha But, they all went on and on about how great it was. And they wanted the recipe! Little did they know it was HEALTHY! Lol haha There was at least 20 people there and EVERY one went on and on about the dessert. In fact it was all eaten up, and the two store bought cakes and ice cream (some one else brought) barely touched!

I also hurried and whipped her up a flour sack towel as a gift, I usually like vintage patterns, but didn't have time for that. (only had about 2 hours) So I made her a monogrammed one and kept it simple. :)

Here's photos of it-I wish I would of taken some of the food, and people eating. But, here's after every one is full and happy, and playing cards, and games.

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