August 30, 2008

I got a little more done with my recipe site. Still have a lot to go though.

We got some shopping done yesterday so that was good. Wal-mart had a big glass "cracker" jar. Which they rarely ever have. In fact I've only been able to buy two others! I am always looking for them. So glad they had another. So now I have three. I keep a lot of food in them in the kitchen.

I broke a plate the other day, dropped it while washing it. So we are down to only two plates! So we went looking yesterday. Ended up at Target, and there was two I loved! One is a country ceramic look, and the other is a broken sea glass look. I love the sea glass ones! But, Vince thinks both are too small. So we waited and came home and measured my other plates. And the sea glass ones are a 1/2 inch smaller then our current plates, and the ceramic type ones are a half inch bigger. So we'll go with the bigger ones. Although I LOVE both kinds! lol So I guess we'll be going to get those today.

All in all yesterday was a good day. Easy going, slow and just getting things done.

I finally got all my bookmarks organized and uploaded to yahoo. I do that randomly so that I won't lose my bookmarks in case the pc dies. I haven't done it in forever, so that was good to get done.

I got all my graphics all organized as well. So now all I need to do is put them all on a flash card. (back up!).

Well, I'm ready to head out the door now. Target here we come! haha

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