August 11, 2008

I haven't posted in YEARS literally here. I wonder if any one is still out there.

I've been busy with our daughter, that I see I haven't really even blogged about here. :( She's growing up soooooo fast. Almost 2 years old now!

I have had to pump her breast milk the whole time. And I'm working on weaning from the pump. It's a happy and sad process. Happy that I won't have to constantly take the pump with me every where I go, and always looking at the clock to see if it's time to pump once again. But, sad, that she will no longer be getting mommy milk. I just wish we could of gotten her to latch. Oh goes on! And it is!

I've been having a great time embroidering! I even recently found a cross stitch and needle arts store in Long Island. I'll be going there tomorrow. I can't wait! I found it when I was looking for my new favorite fast food place-Panera Bread. YUMMY! I remember eating there way back when I was a kid and it was called the St. Louis Bread Company, then I didn't see it in forever, and now it's Panera Bread. It's very healthy and yummy both! And it's a place that Vince and Lela loves to eat at too. All three of us are real soup and salad eaters. And Lela and I love apples. So it really fits the bill for us.

Let me know if any of you are out there, and see me!

I know I'm going to have to fix up the place, as it's pretty dated. Look forward to new graphics soon.

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