April 8, 2011

Spent more time in the garden this afternoon. I planted beets, and a tomato. I had hopes of planting some Texas Sweet onions, zucchini and sugar baby pumpkins but didn't have time to get to it. There's always tomorrow though.

I was able to take some photos. Belle loves going out to the garden.

Dad's on a kayaking trip but when he gets back I'm going to ask him about adding another plot by the barn. Cause I just have to have more strawberries that's all there is to it! I'm also contemplating planting the asparagus along with some onions, to keep the myriad of bunnies around here from eating up all the asparagus, in the ditch near the gate to the drive way.

I'm hoping to find some old windows to make some cold boxes for growing lettuce as well. That would be so cool to be able to have lettuce year around. We all love lettuce, especially Lela! I have some high hopes of being able to plant some romaine lettuce, our favorite. Have to love a good Caesar, Greek, or our new favorite Fattoush salad! mmmm It's going to taste awesome with lettuce from our own garden! If it turns out well next year we may do our own cabbage too. I want to put out kohlrabi next year too, and collard greens. mmm mmm.

My mouth has been watering for roasted beets, and beet greens! Mmmm, can't wait. And for pumpkin butter, pear butter, mulberry jam, tomato jam, pickled zucchini, fresh watermelon, fresh strawberries for strawberry shortcake oh I could go on and on! It's going to be a fun summer come time to harvest!

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