April 22, 2011

Glenda Mae & Kirby

Last night I went to my uncle's father's viewing. I was able to see many family members I haven't seen in years, and some I have never seen. Lela got to meet her cousin Lela. Too bad we didn't think of getting their pictures together! MAN! UHG! *sigh* I got to talk to Cherie for about a hour. She is about 12 years older then me but we were raised almost like sisters. She baby sat me a lot when I was little and I used to spend the night and sleep in her bed. When she went off the college she used to take me with her to all the little sister events too. Her grandpa Kirby who died, used to drive me up to see her in college too, and drive me to Alabama to see them as well.

Then this morning I went to my double cousin Glenda Mae's funeral. I can't believe I'm almost the oldest generation left. Betty Jo (Glenda's sister) was there of course, but so was two other cousins who lost their dad's and one lost her mother and father both in the plane crash with my grandpa and Glenda's father as well. The male cousin that was there who lost his dad I never met before. The other one was Helen Faye. Her son was there too, and looked just like Helen Fayes brother, Tensly Johnny. When I told him wow you look just like your uncle Tensly he stopped a minute in silence and looked almost frightened. I wandered what I said wrong, and then Helen said that he had died a few years ago! Oh my, he was soooooo young, I couldn't believe it! Just like my uncle Tim. I also seen Barbara Cole, she was aunt Edith's daughter, and I look just like Aunt Edith. I forgot to get her phone number though! I so want a picture of her mother, so hopefully Helen Faye or Betty Jo will have her number. Betty Jo's hair looked great, I told my mom she needed Betty Jo's hair cut as they have the same hair, and Debbie's hair was wonderful too, I need her cut! haha

When I went in, I seen Tonya (my uncle Tim's widow) and her daughter, my cousin Raeannda. So I sat by them, and rode to the graveside with Tonya. After the graveside ceremony was over, Tonya, the girls and I went and looked at Tim's grave site and then on down to Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Lela's site. I showed Lela, Grandma Lela's marker. And she said, so when is she coming out? I said, when Jehovah says it's time. She said, I guess we'll have to dig her up then. I said, no we'll leave that to Jehovah. haha We got in the car, and talked a bit about Tim's death, and how unexpected it was and how young he was. And then Tonya pulled over and had to hug me and was crying. Then we were both crying. It seems there is hardly any one left any more.  Then we went to Taco Shop for lunch and my dad came and picked me and the girls up.

Sad times, but life is going on, and thankfully we have the resurrection hope. It doesn't take all the pain of losing a loved one away, but certainly helps to know that death will not be forever, and will be reunited at some point. I sure can't wait to see my baby boy again. That is a certain!

I'll be spending the rest of the evening in the garden meditating on Jehovah's love, and resurrection hope, along with Jesus's life giving sacrifice, enduring a brutal murder on behalf of his friends.


Brenda said...

Very well written, Heather! It sounds just as if you are actually speaking to me.
My sincererest condolences to you and your family....you certainly lost a lot of relatives. You didnt say if they all died close to each other's dates. Well, we do have the future to look forward to. How nice!

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks Brenda. My cousin and Uncle's father died on the same day.