April 21, 2011

One of the books I ordered from Amazon arrived yesterday, Coats & Clark's Book No. 150-B One Hundred Embroidery Stitches I have been wanting it since I discovered Big B's blog. She really inspired me. I can't say I would of found the book that interesting if it wasn't for finding her blog. I just can't wait to try the "fly stitch". A funny thing about it though, I bought a vintage version from Amazon, and it has a price tag on it marked Woolworth's 75 cents, I paid 6 dollars. Forget about stocks and bonds people! Invest in stitching books! That's almost 7 times the price of what who ever it was bought it at. haha However, J&P Coats has released newer versions, I wanted to see the vintage one. I will probably be keeping my eyes open for the newer one. Joann's supposedly has the new one on sale from time to time for 1.99, but it's never in stock at my local Joann's.

I went to Jaqueline's home and went through a ton of seeds. She really reminded me a lot of my pioneer partner Charlene Sponamore in her personality, and when I told Vince that he said, yeah me too, she even looked like Charlene, he said. haha Ironically my step brother Mark had just been telling me about a new heirloom seed company up in Eldorado where he lives, and that is just where these seeds were from. Funny enough though the lady didn't know that when it said Eldorado Heirloom seed company it was actually a local seed company, OUR Eldorado. She was surprised to find that out. Any way she had won a huge box of them on Craig's list. They are just starting and were trying to get their seeds out there. I got all kinds of stuff, from beans, to pumpkins, beets, cabbage, lettuce, lemon mint, carrots, parsnips, watermelon, you name it I got it. Then she added some of her own seeds to the mix, morning glories, and marigold's and cat grasses and what have you. Was a lot of fun. She was super nice, and showing me all the free stuff she had gotten from Freecycle and Craig's list, she has sure made out like a bandit. She even got really beautiful patio furniture for free! I seem to totally miss out on this stuff. lol Oh well, I got seeds!

I got to the library but they didn't have the books I wanted. I had hoped to get Sublime Stitches, or Farmer's Wife cookbooks. I was able to order Sublime Stitches from another library though so that's good. Couldn't seem to find any of the Farmer's Wife cookbooks to order from a different library. Oh well.

Went to Walmart and bought some gas medication for Belle, but I really used to like Hyland's colic tablets, wish they would come back on the shelves! I gave Belle the gas medication before bed. She was a little whiny before bedtime with some minor gas. Thankfully though I think the medication worked! She did not wake up during the night at all let alone with her blood curdling scream that had started to become habit. Whew peace at last.

We were able to get diesel for the tractor on the way home, so Vince will be able to finish making the bed for my second garden tomorrow. Whoo hoo! I have a ton of stuff ready for planting. Need to talk to my dad again about some of the perennials I bought and see if he has any place he would rather them go. I read a blog yesterday of a African American woman who lives a very 1860's life style and she had just picked the yummiest looking collard greens......mmm can't wait till I can have some of my own home grown ones. And best of all they are perennials. I also really can't wait till we get our own home and I can raise my own pigs, mmm home grown ham hock!

Ok why do people keep doing this to me.....posting about recipes that I want to make, and therefore have to buy more seeds or plants to plant, so that I can make said recipe. The latest sounds soooooo divine, violet jelly. People next year I am making violet jelly! I have to go find seeds to plant now. haha Look at this recipe you'll be compelled to grow violets too, just to make this jelly. Even though I must say I have always loved violets thanks to Alice and Wonderland, (yes I know those are pansies, but violets to me just look like mini pansies, I can always see the little faces in them.) And then there's the part that they also sometimes look like popcorn. yum! My pioneer partner Charlene used to raise them and sell them for extra money to donate to the world wide fund. Too bad she no longer does that cause I would so be in business then. Oh well, next year. This year, I will use Megan's recipe and make dandelion jelly. I think I'm on a dandelion roll. Seems I best get to planting them too. Who knew I may need more then nature already brings us. haha

I received a email from MVPS, they will be having open houses this summer. Hard this is they are all during the week in the morning, no evening ones and no weekend ones. That's going to be hard since I don't have a drivers licence and we are a one car family! UHG. Out of sooooo many open houses you would think just one could be in the evening or on a weekend. I would like to however try to go to the ice cream social at Orange Leaf (a froo froo ice cream/frozen yogurt shop), and to the open house movie showing of Kung Fu Panda. Thankfully they are in the summer time though, so maybe one of my siblings can take me. We will have to see though I am sure. I am so very curious though with questions about how the schedule works with the MVPS program, that will really be the deal breaker, otherwise the cost is awesome!

Tonight is my uncle's father's viewing. He outlived two wives, and lived to be 95 years old. His funeral is tomorrow, but so is my double cousin Glenda Mae, so I will be trying to get to her funeral. Both their funerals are at the same time. Glenda Mae was only 69 years old. Her mother died only 12 years ago, she was the last of my grandmothers sisters to die. They still have one living brother though. She was my double cousin because her mother was my grandmother's sister, and her father my grandfather's brother. Both her father and my grandfather died together in a airplane crash years and years ago back in the 1960's. She sure did begin to look a lot like my grandmother and her own mother the last few years. She had one daughter Debbie. And one sister Betty Jo. Hopefully they will feel the love from the rest of the family during this time. They are very loved. The photo of Glenda was the one they chose to put in the newspaper.

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