April 20, 2011

I added a new feature to my blog, a poll, please participate and let me know your favorite name of the ones given.

A few days ago when I was cleaning off my sewing counter I found a metal enamel country looking indoor mail box. I cleaned it out, and am now
using it for my extra packs of vegetable seeds. Keeping it on my sewing counter. It looks extra cute. And was always too small to hold much mail. So this is the perfect use for it. A sweet woman from Mary Jane's Farm message board is sending me turnip, and patty pan squash seeds. It is so nice of her. I wish I had more time, I would like to whip her up a towel to show my appreciation to her, but I don't even know where any of my blank flour sack towels are right now.

I finished The Prairie Girls Guide to life book and loved it. I went ahead and bought it, cause I can see I can use a lot of it's ideas in home schooling Lela and Belle. Each year I can pick a few of the projects that are age appropriate at the time, as not all of them can they do yet. And I want to do a lot of them too! We may have to find a farm that would let us milk one of their cows! haha I think we will have a lot of fun over the years going through some of her prairie girl life lessons. Especially since we now live on the prairie. Especially whenever we go through Calvert's Little House enrichment course. I really really can't wait for all my books I ordered to get here. I keep checking the mail box every day! I ordered my budgets limit for year and yet, there is still many more books that I want.

I so want to try this soup- Cream of Wild Rice Soup. It looks delicious!

We were able to get the pod completely cleared out, but now I'm missing things. Hangers, brand new clothing I bought at motherhood last year, a brand new car seat for boo boo number 3. All kinds of things, we really really need! I don't know what to do. But, something went wrong cause we have some other peoples things in there as well, a box of glasses I never owned-even though I do like them, who ever they belong to had taste that I like, and a box of Christmas lights which I've never bought Christmas lights to have them either! So I just don't know.

Finally Freecycle is coming through for me. About two or three weeks ago I joined and asked for plants or seeds, and just today got my first offer. So I am going over there tonight to go through them. She says she has a lot of
them. She says she has some small plastic envelopes we can separate them into. There's supposed to be sunflower seeds, which Lela has really been wanting, and a lot of vegetables, especially beans. I love beans and wanted to plant beans this year just didn't have the money for every thing. So that should be really nice, I'm looking forward to it. I hope I'm feeling better by then though. As I have started getting sick again too.

If we have enough time after sifting through seeds, I would like to make it over to the library, to drop off my Prairie Girl Guide book since I am finished with it, and pick up a one of the Sublime Stitching books. Thankfully Amazon is shipping a few more of my books today according to the email they sent me. Early this morning during one of Belle's screaming fits, where I have to be up and holding her to help her, I was able to make some new stuff for my Book Fancys blog, and add them to it. So it's looking good. I just need to make a new linkie. I really need to make a lot of new linkies, I am just not so in love with some of the fonts I have now. I wish I could find a font I used to make my original linkie for Heather's Patter cause I really like it, too bad I don't know the name of it! I have bought several font cds and just get a bunch of junk, nothing I really like. Oh well....

On a bad note, Belle has been really sick for about 3 weeks now. First it was a croopy cough and just sick, sick, sick. Then it was a fever. Now for the past three nights she wakes up with a blood curdling scream, and it takes a long time to calm her down, she seems to be gassy during this screaming, hitting, kicking fit she is having. I must get something for colic or gas I think. But, I just don't know. She's never done any of this before. So I just don't know. Poor baby, I wish she could just get to feeling better.

And now the cat is sick too! She was vomiting some nasty greenish sludge. And with her fur it was every where. So the poor dear is now banished to the bathroom! Till she gets better. Thankfully we have kitty insurance so she will go to the vet soon. UHG. I hope she's ok. Thankfully Lela came and told me about it, so I could clean it up before any one stepped in it, or Belle got into it! I did put her soft warm kitty bed in the bathroom for her, so she has it to snuggle in while she is sick. Thankfully it's the kind that is easy to put in the washer when she has vomiting and poo accidents and what not.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog! It's easy to change your font, just go into your settings under the new template, advanced I think and you'll see fonts, don't remember the name of mine but you'll see it in the samples. Good luck and cute blog!

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks Sue. I guess they added new fonts, since last I updated. I found one I love for my blog. Thanks again so much. Your blog is extra cute as well!