April 16, 2011

I went out in the garden today. Planted about 20 Texas sweet onions, my three tomato plants I bought, a Cherokee purple, a white tomato, and a lemon boy. Then I planted cantaloupe seeds, and eggplant seeds. I noticed nothing is happening at all with my zucchini seeds, I am hoping they will come up at some point! The beets they are every where all over the garden. But, it looks like only 2 of the strawberry plants are doing any good. So I think I will go and buy more strawberry plants today or maybe tomorrow if I leave the house in time before Memorial. Other then that the garden is coming along swimmingly. Still loving it! And boy am I getting a tan! I bought some sunblock if only I would remember to put it on. I may actually start to look Mexican and Native American more now. Then my usual pastiness from staying in the house all the time. Oh...to have color back!

Some of my books have been shipped according to my emails. Amazon has sent one of my stitching books, and the used book site has sent my order just today. I can't wait till they get here. I am just really really biting at the bit though to get my new canning books! But, alas they have not been shipped yet, as they are taking their sweet time about it. On another good note Kathy, bought Lela
the Little House enrichment course from Calvert. Then she offered to pay for the kindergarten curriculum from them! Which has been my dream. Then when I read further I see Kansas K12 has added this MVPS program which if I pay just 75 dollars for they will pay for the Calvert program! So hoping we can do that. But, on even better news, when I called to enroll Lela, Lela is too young this year as she has to be 5 by the August 9th, and she won't be till September 9th. I am so happy about that, cause I was not wanting to have a brand new baby at home while trying to home school or even take her to public school when the baby will be brand brand new in August! So I was so happy to hear that. So we will go ahead and just buy the Pre-K program from Calvert and go through that with her this year. In the meantime since MVPS/Calvert is new to Kansas I can take this year to go to the open houses and see how they will work the program out and see if I want to go through the MVPS program, OR just directly through Calvert. The big decision maker on it, will be if MVPS will give me a full 12 months to finish the program like Calvert does on it's own with their ATS program. That will be the deal breaker.

Tomorrow is the Memorial of Christ death. Even though it was a sacrifice on humans (my) behalf, it's always a sad time for me. I remember and think
deeper about the suffering Christ went through before his death. So unfair and inhuman. As he said, they do not know what they are doing. It's still just very sad for me to recall and think about though. But, I am surely grateful for his sacrifice on our behalf, as we surely know this world needs it now more then ever! May God's kingdom rule soon.


Marjean said...

I sure love your blog. I'll have to find out how to put all the cute pictures on my blog too.
Our Memorial was wonderful 224 in attendance. I got to see so many of the friends. I miss them all so much.
Two sister's that are also home bound were there and we got to see each other and hug. It was great!

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks! I really like your blog as well!

As for the pictures, it's really easy. Using blogger. I have bought most my images over the years from MarysLittleLamb.com (buying more right now, she is making them for me!), IrenesCorner.com, CountryPatchCollections.com and GraphicGarden.com I've had a blog for a long time as you can see by my archives. Almost 10 years now, and I had a website till just last year. I had my website for over 15 years close to 20 years. So I've been buying and collecting (many like Marys Little Lamb, Irene's Corner, and Country Patch Collections have some free graphics on their sites as well, and Graphic Garden used to have a HUGE amount of free graphics, years ago, so I still have the majority of them as well).

Any way, all you do is start collecting the images you want, (or make them, I used to make a lot of my own too before I had kids now it's too time consuming for me with kids!), or pictures, etc what ever you want like that. And what I do is keep two windows open when I make a post. I use Photobucket.com to upload my images to (however now blogger lets you upload directly so you don't even have to do that, but I still like to do that any way!), and then I copy and paste the direct link of my image into the image uploader HTML editor part of the post. And choose if I want it to be centered, or to the left or right of each paragraph and place it accordingly.

For my sig tag, and my heading (the three small images at the top of each post) I keep them in my formatting (under settings), at the bottom there is a post template, I keep the codes for my sig tag, and heading there, so any time I make a new post they are already there, I just have to use the direct link from my day and etc and replace what I have already there-it's easier just to replace the direct link then place the entire code each time!

Any way it works best and easiest for me that way. And I like the finished look. Did take me a lot of years though to collect so many graphics!