April 18, 2011

I planted 4 strawberry plants today, tomorrow I am going to find a place for a fifth one. I also dug up and replanted two previous strawberry plants making them on "hills" so that they may grow better. Hopefully that helps. I also planted 1 tomato plant and still have two to plant. I have squash, lavender, kohlrabi and a ton of other stuff still left to plant too! I just can't wait for strawberry shortcake, zucchini bread and butter pickles, and soups made with kohlrabi.

After a while of planting strawberries I started feeling like something was biting me on my fanny, and then decided it was a stick, but no...it kept "biting" finally I decided to reach down my pants and see if I could figure out if something was in there, and I had a wasp in there stinging me! UHG! It still hurts! Oh the pains I go through for my hobbies. haha

I had Lela and Loudine play with Belle just long enough for me to get the whole garden watered. Which only took about five minutes, and in that five minutes,
at which time crazy Pepper dog grabbed Belle's cup ran off with it and didn't come back with it where we could find it for 3 hours! UHG, it's a 15 dollar sippy cup, so glad she decided to finally bring it back. I was not wanting to have to pay to replace it.

As soon as Vince winds down from work, and dinner. Him and I are off to work on moving more dirt for my secondary garden by the barn.

I received a email from my local La Leche League leaders today, they are looking for some fundraiser ideas. To keep our "free" breast feeding support group, which helps women learn to breast feed, the benefits of breastfeeding, help women continue to breastfeed past challenges, all free of charge and endlessly, alive and going, and being
able to pay for it to be renewed so it can continue to be part of the La Leche League foundation. I came up with a few ideas. And we are going to be discussing it in our next meeting, which is next week. If you have any ideas of ways we could raise funds for this group, please share them with me. I will pass them on at the next meeting. I know they have done a lot to help me. I really wish I had found them much sooner, I think with their help I may of been able to get Lela to latch on, and it would of been so much easier then pumping milk every 3 hours for over 2 years! With another baby on the way, I know I would like to have their help and resources for my own self for some more years. I know it's a great foundation and resource for many others as well. Even at our last meeting was new people who had never nursed before and had previous children but are currently pregnant and wanting help to learn to nurse their expecting babies. So I know they are very needed, and want to try to help them stay here.

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