April 4, 2011

I've been meaning and meaning to update every one, but my browser went haywire and I had to figure out a new browser to be able to get into blogger once again.

Lots of things have happened since my last update.

Vince and the girls got to go to their first drive in movie the first Friday of March. We seen Tangled, and Gnomeo and Juliet. Every one loved it. We were able to go again last Friday as well. We seen Rango and it was so cute. And very good message as well.

March 20th, 2011 was our 10th anniversary.

The Saturday before our anniversary started out on a sad note as it was Sister Mildred Voght's memorial. I have known her since I was 7 years old. She has always been so good to me. When my grandma died she hosted a dinner for my family at her own home. So we had to go. We ended up being late cause it was at a new KH Vince and I had never went to. But, finally made it there. The closing song was of course one of our new ones and was really hard not to cry. However, of course it ended on a good note as we got to see many friends I haven't seen in years. And some of my friends I grew up withs parents, so I was able to get their new phone numbers and hopefully will be able to renew our friendships and get reaquinted once again.

We decided that Saturday evening we would go bowling with the friends in our congregation. But, I was sick the weekend before and so was Belle so we weren't able to give much notice so not many were able to come. Especially cause a Kingdom Hall build had just began on that weekend. But, the folks who showed up had fun and it was a fun time. The Woods family are very sweet and it was nice to get to know them better, they have a son Lela's age and a daughter about 2 years old. We took a cheesecake factory sampler cheesecake, a cherry dump cake, and cream cheese mints. We all had a ton of fun and have to go again. The poor little boy who was Lela's age cried when it was over. He wanted to keep bowling! :) His little sister was very happy to just keep eating cake though! hahaha And so was Belle! Julia the 2 year old girl would eat a bite of cake and feed Belle a bite of cake. They will get along swimmingly! hahaha  Every one had a good time!

Sunday we went to meeting, Belle seen Julia at the meeting, and lit up! She no doubt remembered she was the one who fed her cake! hahaha After meeting we decided to go to Le Monde (a Meditarrenean restuarant). Was such yummy yummy food! Vince got a awesome lamb shank! However, the children's meals were not meditarrenean in the least, same ole, same ol'. I refused to pay 5 dollars for a 4 year old to get chicken nuggets. So Lela got the appetizers we ordered for her meal a vegetarian plate, with hummus, fattoush salad, artichoke hearts, and tabouli. We also got the meditarrenean chicken wings. When they came, they gave Lela her line of the day! She seen them and said, give me the chicken wings with out the grass please! hahaha We about died laughing. And then explained to her it was parsley NOT grass! hahaha

It was a lovely day though, 80 degrees. We came home and took a family dip in the hot tub and just had a relaxing fun day outside. Lela dug in the sand on the beach, and jumped on the "jumpaline" (Lela's name for the trampoline!). And spent a good day with the kids. While we were outside, I kept thinking wow it's so warm and nice too bad we didn't invite some friends over for a BBQ! But, it was really a lovely day just with the family. So much fun. And I can't believe 10 years have went by already!

That Sunday we went out for a anniversary dinner to Le Monde's it was soooooo yummy! I had the gyro, fattoush salad and the vegetarian appetizer. Every thing was delicious especially the baba ganoush! Vince had the lamb shank, it was HUGE like Fred Flintstone or something! Belle and Lela enjoyed the french pastry shop biscuits that the restaurant serves and the Mediterranean chicken. Mom gave us a 15 percent off coupon which really helped a lot. Now I'm hooked on their fattoush salad dressing, and hummus. It's soooo good. They don't make their baba ganoush daily though. Which I crave theirs so much, I wish they did.

The rest of the week was warm, sunny, albeit very windy. We were able to spend a lot of time in the hot tub, which was really nice!

The weekend after that I was invited to a sisters home for a small sister get together. I took peach dump cake and they ate it all up saying how yummy it was and wanting the recipe. We watched a DVD of Harry Connick Jr. and really got to know each other well. It was a sweet nice gathering. Will have to do it again. A really ironic thing happened though. A sister I met on a plan trip years ago was also invited and she recognized me. How funny!

Last Saturday Vince had to get the car worked on so I went to Michael's and had a really good time looking at books. There is so many I want to buy now! lol I can't wait to get them. Lots of new embroidery books. Loved them all. I was also able to go through the clearance and buy every one gifts for 5 and 10 cents! Woo whoo! I am so going to make us some book covers for our song and book study books! I found the cutest pattern for them in Cute Baby Stuff book, and have to get it now!

Yesterday we went to a few stores and bought strawberries two from a local seed store, and 10 from walmart. The Walmart ones are supposed to be ever bearing. But, they don't look very healthy, so I'm hoping for the best with them. The ones from the feed store look awesome, and already have tiny berries! I also purchased onions-Vidalias and Texas Sweets, and tomatoes to plant. So far, I have bought 3 heirloom tomato plants, a cherokee purple, another purple one and beef steak. I want a few more, certainly would like a yellow one, probably yellow pears. I wish I knew the type that a man in Branson grew one year, they were the tastiest tomatoes EVER! I think I need dad to make me a second garden! I need more room! I think next weekend I will ask him if he can make a second plot. The girls had to much fun helping. Belle ate a ton of dirt! And was covered from head to toe in dirt. And Lela had a lot of fun helping plant and water as well. I hope it's a successful garden! We will go shopping this next week for more! I need a grow light though so next year I can start things from seeds. And save a lot of money!

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