July 19, 2004

I went to Bethel today. We went to 90 Sands (residential/kitchen/dining room), Adams-Printing, and 360 Furman-Shipping. It was a great day. I will add pictures soon!

I went to the literature cabinet, and I looked through the catalog of every thing that we have. I had no idea that they had a book of Questions to use for the My Book of Bible Stories. It was a paper back (like a thick tract). The brother said it was for the sign language brothers to use. I picked one up any way. Because, I have studied the My Book of Bible Stories with many children, and adults for that matter, and always put my questions I made up on sticky notes. I liked having the questions already made up for me. That way I am not missing any important details either! Wow I highly recommend it, if you study with or have small children. It's very neat.

The other thing I learned was that they make special books for prison, the Live Forever, New World Translation Bible, and a few other books come in paper back! Who knew? I never knew this, the whole time I have wrote to friends and family in prison. I always had to rip the covers off to send to them! The sister on the tour said when ever you witness to people in prison, you should contact the society first, and see if they aren't already shipping to that prison, I think she said that there were three thousand prisons that they ship to regularly! WOW!

The other neat thing we learned, was that duplicating of tapes (Watchtower & Awake) will no longer be done by the Society, but by a outside source after October. AND, that they believe with in five years we will no longer have anything on cassette tape, but not only go to CDS but actually we will probably be doing MP3s and DVDs! That was exciting to hear!

I also picked up a DVD in the literature-The Blood Transfusion one.

We had a great day. I packed PB & Jelly sandwiches. So we had a really good time. Pictures soon to come!

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