August 18, 2004

Grrr, it's been forever since I have been here again!

Last weekend we had a family picnic. It went well. I made a JoAnna Lund recipe of course. Pineapple Coconut cake. Every one loved it.

My Curves was closed for a few days though. They had a flood. So I had to go to a different Curves, boy am I glad to be back to my regular Curves. I like it much more then the other one. Especially the people there. And now I see what people mean about disco music. See my Curves doesn't have Disco Music, we have country, R&B, hip hop mix thing. lol Yes all those on one CD. lol It's Dolly Pardon, Will Smith, and Cher all on the same CD mix. lol hahaha Things like Working 9 to 5 (Dolly), Miami (Will Smith), and some Cher Song I know it's Cher, but I don't know the name. I don't care for Cher much, and am always happy when that one is over, especially since this particular song makes it sound like the CD is skipping, but it's just her singing. lol Also funny thing is, this same CD even has that de da song that the little hamster online is famous for. lol (it was originally in Disney's cartoon version of Robin Hood though). The Disco music the other Curves had on I didn't recognize but one song. I recognized KC and the Sunshine Band Singing, Get Down Tonight, and that was it. lol

Well, when I got back to my Curves today, apparently it was flooded cause of the patrons (women who go there), have been flooding the toilet, and putting feces on the walls, and floor etc! EWE, so now no one can go to the bathroom with out permission. It said Curves staff was no longer going to clean feces off the walls and floor. Well, I should hope not. Apparently this has been a ongoing situation. But, I never go to the bathroom, so I didn't know! How can people be so nasty. I know when my step father was a janitor for a high school, the girls were nastier then the boys there too. The girls bathroom would have feces, always on the stall walls, floor, and even ceiling! Worse then animals. Totally disgusting! I just don't understand it though. Makes me totally disgusted in how humans have drove themselves to this kind of injury, and insanity!

Well, any way that's about it for now. Will try to get back more often!

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