December 27, 2004

For the first time ever, I have created a family newsletter. I've wanted to for years. And never did. Well, I finally did and I am pretty sure I will keep it up yearly. All I have left to do is get a new picture to use for it. The last professional one we had done I was 30 pounds heavier, and I would rather use a more updated one. That one was taken in March this year. So some time this week hopefully some one can take our picture with out it coming out a blur (some people for some reason don't seem to understand our camera and the pictures always come out a blur when we ask others to do it).

I'm working on my mailing list now though.

Vince has been working on getting all my cds uploaded to the PC so I can use it on my mp3 player. He got me a really nice one that will record, so I can use it for conventions as a early anniversary gift.

We went to Wal-mart yesterday and it was the most peaceful I had ever seen it! I can't believe people here sleep in! In Kansas they are in mobs outside waiting for the doors to open! Not here. lol Oh well to my advantage. I think I will always shop the day after Christmas early. It was just so quite and to be the only ones there, was GREAT! Usually it's a mad house. Cause it's so new. NYCers aren't used to Wal-mart yet. And go nuts in there! lol Cause the prices are only about a 1/2 to 1/3 of what other stores charge for the exact same items. For instance at most grocery stores here pudding mix, is 1.10 a box. At Wal-mart, it's .52 cents a box! Any way, that's about it so far.

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