December 8, 2004

On December 1st, is when I last posted here. But, there was tech problems with blogger and it lost every thing. Today they gave me every thing back! I didn't want to post till I heard back from them. Of course I contacted them immediately!

Any way, the house is really coming along! Vince says he don't remember the last time it looked this good. And frankly neither do I. I am just doing it baby steps though. I am so happy I can now open the door with out seeing horrified looks on the delivery woman's face, as she looks on at what must of looked like a explosion in here! lol haha

I still need to declutter the hallway quite a bit. I am still focusing on the living room. So I do my own version of room rescue in the hall way each day. So I do one thing and one thing only. That way I don't get side tracked or overwhelmed. Yesterday I picked up my service bag and put it away. Today I picked up a newspaper that was lying there. Tomorrow as I stroll through to the living room I will pick up something else and so on till it's done. Thankfully the foyer looks great! (that's a major part people see when I open the door! lol) The living room is really coming along. And my side of the bedroom is making head way. I am not doing zones yet. Cause a week will not make a dent in these rooms. So it's better for me to focus on one room till it's done. That's how I did the pantry. And it took me about 4 months. (doing little bits here and there, till I was happy with it.) Any way I am liking actually seeing some progress. And what I have been doing is focusing on the living room by doing 2 fifteen minute sessions each day. Then I do a 27 fling boogie daily in the bedroom, and two of my mini room rescues each day, one in the hallway and one in the pantry. Just needed a little touch up, since I have been doing the other rooms, sometimes in the flings, and decluttering sessions things are tossed in there, cause that's where they belong. So in my mini rescue I put what ever has been tossed in there (one item) exactly where it belongs. Any way it's working!

And boy am I glad my archives are back!

In my cleaning I still have not came across a old stretching mat I used to have. So I am hoping I do. I can't remember if I brought it home, or left it with my parents. But, it sure seems like I brought it home. So far no sign of it. If I don't find it by the time the whole apartment is finished, then I will buy a new one. In the meantime, since I have decluttered so much of the living room, I was able to get out a fluffy towel and put it down, and I have added crunches to my morning exercise routine. I was just doing them at Curves, now I can do them daily. I sure will be happy to get my stretching mat to do them on. The towel doesn't lessen the hardness of the floor too much! lol.

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