November 20, 2004

I just donated another 2 bags of clothes! So that's 13 all together!

I cleaned the hallway closet today. And I was taking a mental inventory of what I needed to buy to make the closet more functional (shelves, hooks, shoe bag, coat rack!). And then later I thought, I should write that in my control journal! And I did! The control journal is GREAT. I never thought I would use one. But, I love it! I like that mine is small so it's not over powering for me. I am just really loving it. Even though I don't do every thing I put in there yet (most are goals!) I am doing a lot! And it's nice to look at, at the end of the day and see just how much I really did accomplish. Before I would go to bed worried I didn't do enough. Now I go to bed happy that even though I didn't do every thing, a LOT was accomplished. Cause I can see it in black and white. Before I would have thought I didn't get so many things done so it wasn't good enough, forgetting all about all the things I did to! So I am highly highly suggesting a control journal! If you don't know what a control journal is, or how to make one, go to . I got a dayrunner that is so cool at Wal-mart for only 8.50! And it has a pocket even for my cell phone. And a handle like a purse too. Has literally every thing I need once I get off insulin, I won't need a purse at all, I will just use this. Cause it has a place for credit cards, ID, money, calculator, literally every thing I need! But, now I need a purse to carry my insulin in. But, I'm just about off it. I only take 25 units a day, versus the 144 I used to have to take. So I think I will be off it in a couple of years tops!

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