December 8, 2004

I actually posted this December 1st. But, blogger was having technical difficulties, so I am republishing it!

Today was a good day. I am really getting a lot done. I am trying really hard to stick with it and not burn out and I think it's working. The book case doesn't look like a terrible explosion happened any more. I am shocked and frankly a little upset with myself over the amount of books we have, cause I couldn't find one and would just pick up another one at meeting after giving up looking. Now we have found them all and have several of many! Well, I guess if we ever have children they can use them. Or we can donate them to a new family in the truth or something.

Any way I am happy with the way things are shaping up. It still looks like some redneck/hillbillies had a party gone bad here. But, it's getting much much better! lol We can see the floor! I will share pictures when it is done. But, I figure it may be at least another month for the living room maybe two. I just have been doing small missions in the bedroom. While focusing on the living room. When the living room is through we will focus on the bedroom and do small missions in the kitchen, then focus on the kitchen while doing small missions in the bathroom. And so on. The pantry thankfully has stayed good since I did it all last spring. (The pictures are in the archives). And I am very happy with that accomplishment!

Well, I've been updating my website. And will probably rework the graphics on my blog soon too. Just don't know when. :) So let me know when you see the changes if you like it or not. :)

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