October 24, 2009

Took Lela to a pumpkin patch, wouldn't you know it began to rain, just when we got there. Thankfully we managed to get a few photos taken, then we had to go. And a few in the cut out wood holes. We wanted to go in the corn maze, but it was too rainy. But, we did manage to see a flock of wild turkeys crossing the street. Too bad this year we didn't see nesting Swans like we did last year!

Then we went to a Outlet mall we haven't been to in years. For some reason we remembered it being 3 hours away, yet it was only one hour away. They had a ton of stores too! We had only seen half of it before and never knew the other half was even bigger then what we seen. Since it's not our usual Tanger location, we were able to get 10 dollars in gift certificates. But, best of all...I got 2 pairs of Naturalizers for more then half off, that had been discontinued.

I bought a red pair last year, the last ones that Macy's had. In fact they were the demo pair. I had called Macy's and Naturalizers, and both said that one had been discontinued!

As I was passing the Naturalizer store there they were in the window...so now I have brown and black ones too. They are my favorite style! Soooo comfy it's like wearing a sneaker! Oh I was sooooooo excited. Then I had a coupon to boot! Plus, my gift certificates. The only thing that could of been better, is I did have a email coupon worth twice as much as the one I had with me.....but hadn't brought it because I didn't think I was going for shoes. But, still this couldn't of had a better day! I had been so worried about what I was going to do when this pair wore out as they were my favorite most comfy pair of meeting shoes I had! Now I don't have to worry for a bit longer. I wanted another pair of red ones too, but they were out of my size, and only had big sizes. (my size is always hard to find, as they hate making the tiny sizes it seems).

Any way, I couldn't wait to get home and put my new shoes in the best place of the shoe rack so I can see them every day! hahaha Now I have to go to the other outlet and make sure they don't have the red ones! haha

My red ones are only a bit different, the stitching on the red ones is only a single stitch instead of double. But, I could careless about that, I care about the comfort!

And to top off the day, I've been needing a new mixing bowl, between clearance and coupons, I was able to get a ceramic set of three red nesting mixing bowls for 5 dollars!!!! Woo Whoo!

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