April 27, 2010

Since my last update, we've had a new baby! Belle, named after her paternal great grandmother. She's been such a blessing. She's sweet and quiet at meetings, and a terror at home. hehe She was born a preemie at only 4lbs 1oz. But, is growing like a weed. She nursed so well from day one, but two days ago decided to go on strike. I finally wore her down though and she's nursing again, albeit she now is looking haggard with little bags under her tiny eyes. haha Sunday night I got mastitis, boy was that painful, but I'm on day two of antibiotics and I think it's getting better. We're having a baby shower at Hempstead Lake park on June 5th, in the carousel room, it looks sweet. I've been making favors, mints, getting prizes for the games, and looking for a nice cake. So far so good.

Finally my Baby Hawk came today! I've been waiting for months. I love it so far, I can't wait to take it on a test walk with Belle. The only down part, I had wanted the coy fabric and they were out, now that I ordered mine and got it, they have the coy fabric back in stock! UHG!

On a sad note, my diabetes is no longer in a honey moon stage, we always knew this day would come, since I'm a type one and not a type two. But, it was still sad when I realized it was back. And now the diabetic doctor doesn't want to see me till June! Well, I need medication, hello! *sigh* Hopefully she will at least write me some prescriptions.


bella said...
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bella said...

The Picture of your two girls is the most precious and endearing photo. Its one to treasure for years. I would like to see a repeat of the same pose in a year. Oh so sorry to hear about your diabeties problems. must be hard for you , especially with nursing and being a young busy mother. Proud of you Heather, You have gone thru much to have a family, and you did so very well,. love bella

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