October 7, 2009

We went and picked up the oven I won on Ebay! Boy was that a longer trip then planned. Between 12 and 14 hours each way! So we ended up spending the night right outside Pittsburgh, on Nevel Island. At a very nice Fairfield Inn.

We were able to eat at A&W, Bob Evans, and Waffle House along the way. And I had my first ever Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Latte, boy is that their best one ever. When we first stopped at Dunkin Donuts, I seen the pumpkin spice muffins, and asked the girls behind the counter about them. And they gave me a weird look. So I said, are they not good? I've never had one before. And the first girl said oh no they are wonderful! The second girl said they are awesome! So I had to get one of those too. And I must say the girls were right! YUM! I can't wait to get another Pumpkin Spice Latte though. And even better right now all smalls are only 99 cents! This will be a good winter indeed!

We also were able to manually add in all the really good places to stop and eat along the route, and that Fairfield Inn. As we seem to never be able to find good food or a nice place to stay along that stretch of highway when we are traveling home from Kansas. It seems the GPS always goes wacky there and we are always stuck at a terrible Denny's that is dark and dank, and doesn't like children much. But, we even found a better Denny's along the way! However, I'm sure we'll be choosing Bob Evans, or Waffle House instead in that area! But, finally to find a good hotel will be good as well.

Then we went to Super Wal-mart, where I was able to stock up on cheaper food we really needed. And also found a America's Eyeglass place, so maybe I can get some new glasses at a reasonable price soon!

Obviously we didn't get home in time to bring up the stove, as we can only move things in between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. And Vince has to go back to work tomorrow on the 8am shift. So next Tuesday we will try to get another permit from the office and hopefully I'll finally have my new stove/oven! Right now it's residing at the inlaws.

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