October 21, 2009

Took the cat to the vet today, and learned she has asthma! However, she should be ok, as long as we keep allergens out of the house, keep it cool and not much stress. Thankfully we already do 2 out of three. We are pretty stress free too, but I don't know, Lela may cause her some stress. I'll watch that more.

She also fell in the bathtub of water right before we went, so she was smelly too! UHG!

She did much better this time with her shots, she was able to get blood done, and shots. With out a sedative, as the vet was a little worried with her asthma to give her a sedative. But, this time they kept her in the room instead of taking her to the back, and instead of leaving the room like they wanted me to, I opted to hold her for them for the shots and blood drawing, which in my opinion probably helped a lot. In fact the vet had the nurse write in the charts it was better that way. I guess most people are too upset to hold a pet during such things, but I know it's important for her to get the work done, so it doesn't bother me to see it happen to her. Not that I want her to hurt, but kind of like with my daughter, the doctor was in shock I was strong enough to sit and hold her head, and hand still while he stitched her head up. He said most mom's freak out. Well, things have to be done, and they need some one they know and love in there with them! Thankfully I'm not the freak out kind I guess. Poor Willow. She was glad to get out of there though.

We also bought her a harness today, so time to work on that next.

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