October 1, 2009

Took the cat to the vet. And boy was that a adventure! First she heard a dog crying. She jumped around found the door, jumped in her carrier, poked her head out, looked and Vince and I, as if to say, whatchya waitin' for, let's get outta here!

Then she kept trying to jump up on the stainless steel cabinets and kept slipping off. So when the nurse came in she climbed him like a tree. And sat on his head! He said that was a first! And it was the first time we ever seen her do such either.

Ended up she had fleas and possibly worms. We ended buying pet insurance. And got medications for both. And for her loose bowels. Things are better today.

She has to go back next week, and be sedated for further tests, and vaccines. As she wasn't cooperative today. But, I think she'll do fine. We may get her nails clipped then too, I'm wondering if baths are included in the insurance, I know nail clipping is. Will have to check.

This week, I also rejoined my OTR trading groups. And have been having a ton of fun downloading new shows, I hadn't heard before. Such as the Couple Next Door. Very funny! But, I was very excited to find a ton of Blondie, and the Bickerson's. Both of which I only had a hand full of before. So that will be fun.

We've been listening to Superman in the car and Lela really likes the series. Vince has really been enjoying My Favorite Husband. He laughs so much at it. I'm not sure if I like it that much. It's a lot like I Love Lucy, not a favorite of mine. Will be glad to get the Bickerson's and Blondie on CD. And I do love Dragnet, so I want to listen to that again too. Oh and I found another series starring Jack Webb as well, Lion's Eye. We really like him. So can't wait to hear this series!

So it's been a pretty busy week.

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