October 11, 2009

I am so happy today. For kicks I was reading old archives of my blog, and found out a cd-rom I found a few days ago when cleaning still works. I had it in my mind that it wouldn't work with XP, only with win 95. But, funny enough I had blogged about it my first two months of blogging. And the CD I wanted to use DOES still work. So I installed it into my laptop and it works! YEAH! That means I'm gonna get to make some cute customized thank you boxes for a function coming up. Which also reminded me I could make my own mints too! So I'm gonna do that too! Can't wait to get started. It will have to be a few more weeks till we know for sure about the function, but then I'm gonna start. It'll be so much fun.

Also sadly, I seen how depressed I was back then. I'm so glad I've came out of that depression fog. And am now content and even happy most the time. I know a lot of it has to do with finally feeling better after recovering from DKA. Boy did DKA do a number on my body and mind!

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