October 3, 2009

Lela broke my last good glass last night on accident. So went to Target today to get new glassware. There was nothing spectacular. But, I came home with some I'm ok with. It's been hard lately for me to find exactly what I like in glassware, that's why we were down to our last one. I'm going to look at Kmart next week and see if they have anything that catches my eye. I would kind of like some mason jars I think, with handles.

Right before we got home, the clouds opened up and the rain began to pour!

So to feel cozy and warm on the inside, we are having pot roast. And to brighten up the day we'll be having Scrumptious Surprise Lemon Pie from, The Diabetics Healthy Exchanges cookbook, for dessert! YUM! Can't wait for dinner!

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