September 28, 2009

I'm very excited today.

See the apartments we live in have a rule that you can only have gas stoves/ovens. So when we moved in, that's what we bought. A brand new one.

I didn't really grow up with gas, because it was expensive, and my parents and grandparents were always afraid of the leaks, etc you could have. So I wasn't too sure about how things were supposed to be with them.

So basically our oven/stove has been faulty ever since I bought it-10 years ago, if I had known it was bad, I would of returned it, and got something else.

But, first I thought, because my husband fried a lot of foods, that he was making the greasy oily mess that was all over the kitchen, and was so hard to get clean. Like trying to scrape off super glue or something!

Any way, my mom came and visited me, cleaned every thing up, and then boiled eggs......just boiling eggs the sticky super glue like orange oil was every where again! My mom told me there was something wrong. My husband concluded we had bad gas lines. But, again didn't know much about it, so I went with that. And if you have bad gas lines, and there's a rule that you can't have electric, I lived with it all these years.

Come to find out others, on message boards, who have my same oven, said the same thing. It's a bad oven/stove!

Now it doesn't even work, and every thing in the house basically has a thin layer of this sticky crud on it!

I've been wanting a vintage oven for years. My mom has one from the 50's that I LOVE! I mean LOVE. It's a GE hotpoint, with above range oven. I like hers also because the above range oven door, opens out and up.....on a hinge, trying to think of something else that opens like that, but can't. Any way.....I'm very short and have been wanting a oven above for a long time that the door didn't go down, because I am at risk for being burned as I can't reach back that far as short as I am, with the door in the way, even if I'm at the side, I'm only 4'8.

I also wanted a vintage one, because of quality. I hate the shoddy workmanship, and quality of new things today.

Well, I found a vintage one. It's not a hotpoint, and doesn't have a above oven like my mom's, but it does have a above oven. It opens like a microwave though, instead of up. But, it's a double oven! I do like my mom's a bit better cause below is a cabinet for storage, HUGE! and hers is that pretty retro robins egg blue, even to having the blue pinstripes painted on the glass door of the oven. BUT, I've always wanted a double oven too! And now I will finally get one. They are so expensive at stores today, and I doubt very good quality. They are thousands of dollars, and have to be built in. This one isn't built in. In my opinion a plus, so it can easily move with us! It's a 70's style, so not my favorite decade. I like 40's-50's better. But, better then the stuff I see today.

So I'm super excited! I'll finally be able to cook and bake again!

Here it is!

To top the day off a good friend of mine was cleaning and found a digital Weight Watchers food scale, and remembered I had wanted one. So she is giving it to me. I use a food scale every day at every meal. But, mine has a sticky layer of gas on it, from the bad oven. Since the face plate is plastic, I can't get it clean! I can only get the gas off glass, or metal, with a lot of elbow grease and brillo!

So I am getting this at just the right time. It won't get ruined by our old gas oven. And is something I have been wanting for a while!

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