January 30, 2003

Yesterday I went to the ophthalmologist it went well. He said there was absolutely no signs of glaucoma or diabetic damage to my eyes. Which that is great. My mother already had glaucoma by my age. And Grandma too. And mom's sister is now blind from diabetes. So I'm glad I don't have those problems.

Any way, I need to start doing my routines better. I haven't been doing them as well this week. But, trying to at least do my 15 minutes a day.

Also I started cross stitching last evening, and it's really great to get back to having a hobby offline. lol I'm making my mother a Mother Sew Dear portrait, of a girl stitching mother on a hoop and at the bottom says Mother Sew Dear. I think she will like it. :) And I'm having fun making it. I may make Vince's mother one too. But, not sure if I will do that pattern or a different one.

I'm gonna go to bed finally. Just thought I better pop in here. Need to get more on top of my blog!

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