January 12, 2003

I did my 15 minutes in the kitchen today. Washed all the surfaces down-table, counters, stove. Put a few things away that was on the table. And then swept. That was about it.

I did a huge load of towels. and talked to some one that knew me, and I think I knew her. lol But, was too embarrassed to ask from where. The laundry is slowly but surely getting done. Tomorrow I will do regular day clothes. Then Tuesday Socks. Then Weds, a load of shorts. Then Thursday I have dedicates and a few others to wash. Friday will probably be regular clothes day again. My new schedule once I am all caught up is Friday clothes/towels day. And Sunday will be sheets and blankets day. I did the sheets and blankets the other day though this last week.

I did a quick pedicure. Maybe I will do a more thorough one next week.

Man I am just soooooooo tired. And I have to appear for jury duty tomorrow. So I am going to do my bedtime routine and get to bed. I already have the dishes done. So all there is is a few things left. 8 to be exact. lol. Brush teeth, bath, baby powder, perfume, moisturize face, put on lip balm, put on pjs, sleep! I guess I didn't get my cinnamon water in today. I did however have two glasses of water with breakfast.

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