January 9, 2003

I did my 15 minutes of decluttering. And almost finished the closet. I probably did more like 20-25 minutes though, cause the timer went off earlier then I was done. I found a lot of little bottles of stuff from hotels. That will come in useful for our trip this spring, I was planning on packing our bathroom things in the next couple of weeks. I won't have to buy any trial size stuff now! lol I also did a load of sheets and blankets. How do you fold a bottom sheet that has elastic all around making it round? lol I also read the daily text waiting on the laundry and read all the scriptures in the laundry room too. It was nice and quiet at least. The scripture was very good, as well as the lesson on it. About being faithful in least can show we are faithful in much. *whew* I'm tired! I need a yawning smiley. lol

I also ordered Fly Lady's goody bag number 2. Has a timer, pens, clingies, and a lapel pin. I want the timer, for when I am doing rooms with out clocks, like the hall way. lol And for walking, when ever I actually start that.

I'm doing pretty good at my routines, look forward to adding some more next month. Already have them on my yahoo calendar for next month. At least I feel more like I am actually accomplishing something as a house wife. :)

Well, I guess I have a pretty boring life right now. lol

I almost forgot, I put two little yellow barrettes in my hair, on each side of my head this morning. Vince really liked it. I guess I will have to buy some more barrettes.

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